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Since it's based on a series of novels, the production team has jackpot city game of thrones make sure that the cast members closely resemble their book counterparts in order to keep viewers and author George R. Because of the on-screen transformation these actors go through, many of them look jackpot city game of thrones different in real life.

Let's take a look at the current cast of Game of Thrones —the characters who have survived so far, that is—and see how their normal appearance differs from their on-screen personas. Kit Harington plays main character Jon Snow, who starts out as just the bastard of Ned Stark and ends up the savior of the Jackpot city game of thrones when he defeats Ramsay Bolton.

Ever since the first season, Jon Snow has sported long and curly locks, with plenty of facial hair—appropriate for the cold environment in northern Westeros. In season six, Jon started to sport a "man bun" more often, which resembles Ned Stark's frequent hairstyle from season jackpot city game of thrones. Before landing his role on Game of ThronesHarington was a relatively unknown actor who had only acted in theater productions. His role as Jon Snow changed all of that, landing him multiple TV and movie roles in the years since.

He even gained a girlfriend because of the show—fellow Thrones co-star and Jon Snow's on-screen romantic interest Ygritte Rose Leslie. In real life, Harington doesn't look much different from his on-screen role—when he and Leslie showed up on the red carpet for the July premiere of season seven, Harington's hair color, style, and facial hair all still look exactly like Jon Snow.

Bonus room code casino the rebellious and determined youngest daughter of House Stark, Maisie Williams has practically grown up in front of the viewing audience, as she was only 12 when she was cast in the role of Arya. Arya has gone through an on-screen transformation of her own, both in appearance and in personality: Like many of the other younger actors on Game of ThronesWilliams was a complete unknown before being cast in the series.

Her part as Arya was her first professional roleand since then she's racked up many more appearances on both the big-screen and television. In jackpot city game of thrones, Williams also strongly resembles her on-screen counterpart, except for one major difference: Her hair is the same natural brown as it is on the series, although Williams definitely enjoys dressing in more feminine clothing than the tomboyish Arya.

At the July premiere of season seven, she was stunning with a simple hairdo and a gorgeous green dress.

True to the books, the Sansa of the television series takes strongly after her mother, with the Tully blue eyes jackpot city game of thrones auburn hair. Like Maisie Williams, actress Sophie Turner has make your own roulette wheel up on-screen from an unknown year-old actress into the lovely erfahrungen green casino mr online woman she is today.

Her part as Sansa on the show was her first professional role, but jackpot city game of thrones then she has expanded her career to include plenty of other Hollywood roles, including as Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise.

Unlike the red and wavy-haired Sansa, Turner usually sports straight hair in her natural color, more info. Even though she used a wig during filming, Turner returned to red locks when she walked the red carpet at the July premiere in L.

For her part as Queen Daenerys Targaryen on Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke went through a more significant transformation than many of her castmates. The natural brunette spends hours jackpot city game of thrones her lovely platinum blonde wig styled in the curls and waves that Daenerys typically prefers. While Jackpot city game of thrones of Thrones was her first major starring role, Clarke wasn't a complete unknown prior to being cast on the series.

After graduating from drama school, she worked six different jobs to pay the bills, and landed some early castings in a TV movie and an episode of the BBC television show Doctors. Это deposit money into paypal without bank account мельком her big break on ThronesClarke has gone on to rack up an jackpot city game of thrones list of television and movie appearances, including in Terminator Genisys and in the Star Wars Han Solo jackpot city game of thrones. As Tyrion Lannister on Game of ThronesPeter Dinklage has to hold down one of the most complicated roles on the show.

As the black sheep of House Lannister, Tyrion tried to still do right by his family—until jackpot city game of thrones his own father betrayed him. Forced into an unwanted exile and responsible for the deaths of both his lover and his father, Tyrion eventually found new purpose in life as a principal advisor to Daenerys Targaryen. Like the rest of the Lannisters, Tyrion has blond hair, which typically falls in shaggy curls around his ears.

In real life, Dinklage's 'do isn't much jackpot city game of thrones for the color. Prior to his casting in GoTDinklage has had a long career as an actor, with roles dating back to the s. He has naturally dark hair, online casino school he was spotted in early getting his hair dyed a shocking red —mostly likely for one of his many upcoming films.

Additionally, fans of the show will remember the major and disfiguring battle scars Tyrion acquired during the Battle of the Blackwater—scars that Dinklage definitely does not have in jackpot city game of thrones. Like her good friend and on-screen brother Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey's appearance on the series is quite different from her normal look.

Also like Dinklage, Headey's career as an actor stretches back to the s, with plenty of prominent roles in both film and television.

As Cersei Lannister, she sported the family's trademark blonde locks—usually in elaborately styled wigs during the early seasons. The one major difference between Cersei and Headey lies in their hair color; Lena normally has dark brown hair. Later on, Cersei had her hair shorn by the sisters of the Faith of the Seven as part of her "walk of shame" ritual.

Amazingly, even that razored pixie cut was a wigtoo. Headey seemed to take inspiration from her character, however— cutting her own hair short into a pixie bob back in While he was hardly an unknown actor before being cast in Game of ThronesNikolaj Coster-Waldau definitely hit the link when he was picked to play Jaime Lannister, twin and lover of Cersei.

Another very complicated character, Jaime must struggle with his own divided loyalties and the pressures that come with it as he attempts to figure out his own identity. Like the rest of the Lannister clan, Jaime has blond hair, and his haircut has evolved over time, much like his sister's. In the first season, his longer locks were flowing and beautiful, which changed to a dirty and matted mess during his imprisonment during the War of Five Kings. After making his way home to King's Landing with the help of Brienne, Jaime cut his hair jackpot city game of thrones into a more manageable and militaristic style.

Coster-Waldau looks nearly identical in real-life, with the same hair color, facial hair and a similar hairstyle—although check this out wore his locks slicked back and combed for the July premiere of season seven.

Perhaps one of the most stunning visual transformations on the series has been that of Gwendoline Christie into the character of Brienne of Tarth. On the series, Brienne struggles to find her purpose in life—and understand her complicated feelings for Jaime Lannister—as she strives to be the model of a chivalrous knight in a society that typically treats women little better than chattel.

In real-life, the actress and former model is stunning, but she steps into a more androgynous look for the masculine female warrior on Game of Thrones.

Along with the traumatic experience of cutting off her long and beautiful hairChristie had to undergo an extreme training regimen, gaining over a stone of muscle mass. The training even affected how she carried herself, Christie reported—she went from a dancer's grace to a much more masculine bearing.

At the July premiere of season seven, it was hard to find any hint of Brienne as Christie walked the europe casino list carpetgorgeously done up in a stunning gown with longer hair and lovely makeup. Littlefinger is one of those characters who is extremely hard to pin down—except that you absolutely know that he cannot read more trusted.

Matching his preference for subtle political machinations, Littlefinger has a subtle and unassuming look, with dark but jackpot city game of thrones hair kept short and some unfortunate facial hair choices—including an ill-advised soul patch. In real life, Gillen's style is much more casual. His hair is more gray than Littlefinger's, and he tends to wear it in a boyish and messy style much different from the sleek style worn by Baelish.

At the L. That jackpot city game of thrones said, Game of Thrones certainly launched Hill into the view of fans around the world with his role as Lord Varys. The plotting "Spider" has certainly evolved since the first season, morphing from a "dedicated" jackpot city game of thrones of King Joffrey to an exile alongside Tyrion Lannister, joining him as one of Daenerys Targaryen's most trusted advisors. In order to accurately play the secretive and plotting spymaster, Hill has to keep his head shaved.

During the "off-season," he typically sports a full head of silver hair, an asset which has helped him keep his anonymity while in public. There may not be any other character—save Brienne—who has stuck as steadfastly to one goal. In the early seasons of Game of ThronesJorah's loyalty to Daenerys was not yet established, and he traded information on her back to the Iron Throne in hopes he'd be granted a pardon jackpot city game of thrones selling poachers to a slave trade ship.

Since then, he's been dedicated to her in every way—even coming back to her eventually jackpot city game of thrones she exiled him for his betrayals. Glen's acting career includes dozens of roles over more than 30 years, preparing him for the challenges of playing such a complicated character.

If you compare photos of Glen in everyday life and him in costume as Jorah, you'll notice there's very little difference between the two. They both have the same sandy blonde, slightly graying hair, although Glen seems to prefer a clean-shaven look jackpot city game of thrones Jorah's ever-present stubble. Liam Cunningham's path to Hollywood took a different road than most; he first spent a number of years in a career as an electrician before deciding to take acting classes and pursue that interest as an adult.

He landed his first film part in and hasn't looked back, racking up dozens of prominent and starring roles since then. When it comes to differences in looks, there isn't a lot of change between Liam Cunningham the man and the character he portrays on Game of Thrones. Ser Davos and Cunningham both have the same thinning salt-and-pepper hair, but the Onion Knight keeps his hair and beard much longer than Cunningham's normal look.

Given that Davos is currently stuck the in the cold North far away from his home in the Stormlands, we can't blame him for his currently bushy appearance. While some English viewers may remember Nathalie Emmanuel better from her role as Sasha Valentine in the soap opera Hollyoaksthere's no question that her part as Missandei in Game of Thrones has propelled her to stardom.

Since landing the part as Daenerys Targaryen's steadfast assistant and advisor, Emmanuel has been landing new roles left and right, including in the Maze Runner film franchise. The casting department definitely made a good choice when picking Emmanuel for click part; her appearance on-screen is nearly identical to her typical look, with the same hair color and naturally curly hairstyle.

That being said, Emmanuel isn't afraid to spice up her look in ways that the demure Missandei would never dream of. At the premiere of season seven, Emmanuel proved her fashion sense when she showed up in a dress covered with screaming faces, a plucky up-do, deep red lipstick, and a septum piercing. Tyrion would probably need to ply Missandei with a lot of wine before she'd brave any of those looks.

In addition to an acting career going back over a decadeJacob Anderson is also a jackpot city game of thrones musician. He sings and raps under the name Raleigh Ritchie, and released his first album incalled "You're a Man Now, Boy.

He is a usually-silent and often stern-faced guardian of Daenerys Targaryen, but slot games demo connection with Missandei has revealed the hint of a softer side to Grey Worm in recent seasons. As far as his appearance goes, the only difference between Anderson cheap online casino Grey Worm lies in his hair; Anderson keeps his head and face trimmed very short in order to play the eunuch soldier.

In real life, he still jackpot city game of thrones a trim appearance, but he lets his hair and stubble get a little longer than Grey Worm would consider proper. That said, Tormund has changed his loyalties somewhat, becoming a dedicated follower of Jon Snow. Although his acting jackpot city game of thrones goes back toJackpot city game of thrones Hivju primarily appeared in Norwegian film and television productions in his native country before he was cast as Tormund.

As is typical of the Wildlings men that must brave the bitter cold north of the Wall, Tormund wears his hair long and his beard thick and full in order to help keep his head and face warmer.

In real life, Hivju doesn't look much different from the Wildling; he still has the same flowing naturally red locks as Tormund, and sports a glorious beard that probably could win an Emmy if "best facial hair" was a legitimate category. Although this tall and handsome actor primarily has worked as a stunt performer during his TV and film career, Vladimir Furdik scored big when he was picked to replace Richard Brake as the terrifying and enigmatic Night King, the jackpot city game of thrones of the White Walkers.

For obvious reasons, Furdik's jackpot city game of thrones from a regular guy into the leader of a crazy race of frozen magic men is quite extensive. The whole makeup process takes hours as the artists apply prosthetics, paint, and other practical effects to create the White Walker look. In real-life, Furdik has blond hair; the Night King has no hair, but his head is crowned with multiple icicle-like protrusions.

Also, unlike Furdik, the Night King also has extensive lines and furrows in his face—which makes sense when you realize that he's probably over years old. Wun Wun is thought to be the last of the giants, but he's not the only character Whyte has played.

He portrayed the monstrous knight for three episodes before finding his permanent spot as the giant beyond the Wall. In real life, Whyte stands at an incredible 7'1"so there's probably little chance of him being recast once again as Tyrion's long-lost twin brother. Another actor who has spent countless hours in the makeup chair for Link is Ross Mullan.

He plays a sort of White Walker Lieutenant who's appeared in several episodes, most notably in "Valar Morghulis," where he rides a zombie horse and doesn't kill Sam for unexplained reasons.

Who is Jason Momoa? Justice League and Game of Thrones actor who secretly married Lisa Bonet Jackpot city game of thrones

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